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What to Wear – Men


“But few things betray greater imbecility of mind than a servile imitation of the extravagancies of any fashionable monster. A man posessed of the delicate and proper feelings of a gentlman would deem himself degraded by copying another, even to the curling of a whisker, or the tie of a cravat; as, by so doing he could only show the world of how little importance he felt himself, and the very poor opinion he entertained of his own taste.”

Hints on etiquette and the usages of society, Charles William Day

fashion2Gentlemen, it’s difficult to live up to Hollywood standards of romance. In the movies, sure, the guy always gets the girl, but not before he makes some grand gesture of his undying love. How often are you going to breach airport security to prove your affections? Odds are only once – that is, if you want to be on a no-fly list.

Time travel offers you the chance to be a man – and get the girl. You can fix yourself up in Regency finery and be the true gentleman your lady always wished you would be.

You probably just scoffed, but what if I told you it involved freedom from pesky underwear?

Ask most women who watched Colin Firth in BBC’s version of Pride and Prejudice what they thought of him in it. Chances are, if she is of that persuasion, her response will sound like formless words. The fact is, Regency clothes make men look hot.


Close-fitting at the legs, accentuating broad shoulders, neckties that make any chin look strong and often involving tall boots- Regency clothing is designed to render almost every man appealing.

The best part? No one wore underwear in 1812.

The only question is are you man enough to try it?

The standard outfit for a man during the Regency or Napoleonic period would consist of: front fall trousers  or breeches; an undershirt that flowed to the knees and also acted as underwear; a cravat or neck tie; a waistcoat (but none too garish); a jacket not neccessarily a tail coat; and a hat.

fashion7Kilts are another option for men’s dress. Here is an example of a kilt circa 1800 with a matching short-tailed coat. This can be an affordable alternative should you already have a kilt hanging in the closet.

“The grand points are – well-made shoes, clean gloves, a white pocket handkerchief, and, above all, an easy and graceful deportment.”


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