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Take to the Sea

TBsandyBeginning with the first port of call on the TALL SHIPS™ 1812 Tour  Brockville will come alive with the arrival of historic sailing vessels. Evoking the navy of the period, Brockville will recall its port history with rum, sailors and vivacious company June 14-16, 2013.

Eleven ships and an array of historic vessels from the Clayton Antique Boat Museum will all descend upon historic Brockville. With the addition of the Thousand Islands Wine and Food and Jazz and Blues Festivals, this is a blockbuster event not to be missed.

Beware of Naval recruiters. South of the St. Lawrence River Americans are quite literally up in arms, purportedly, over impressment of their citizens into the Royal navy.

Likewise rumours abound of military recruiters tricking young men into taking the king’s shilling  If someone offers you a free mug of ale, mind there is no coin at the bottom!