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While quiet and wild, we are quite near to several major city centres. Enjoy the unspoilt Canadian countryside, without too much inconvenience. 

By Air

The nearest international airport is located in Ottawa, just a one-hour drive from Brockville. More affordable airfare options might be found in Montreal, a 2-hour drive away. Likewise, Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is within striking distance at 3.5-hours.

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By Carriage

“It is an extremely difficult affair to travel in a coach with perfect propriety. Ten to one the person next to you is an English nobleman incognito; and a hundred to one, the man opposite to you is a brute or a knave. To behave so that you may not be uncivil to the one, nor a dupe to the other, is an art of some niceness.” 

The Laws of Etiquette

The region is connected to both Montreal and Toronto via the King’s Highway 401 or the Macdonald–Cartier Freeway, a mostly four-lane expressway passing through eastern and southern Ontario.

Ottawa to the north is reached via the King’s Highways 416 (if coming from Toronto) and 417 (if coming from Montreal), respectively.

With three international bridges to the United States, our region is quite accessible to the south. (Fortunately, relations have improved significantly since 1812.) Of the three bridges, (located in Cornwall, Johnstown and Rockport, respectively) the crossing between Ogdensburg and Johnstown is usually the smoothest both in terms of wait times and clearing customs.

By Rail

For a more civilised option, consider taking the train from the airport to Brockville. VIA Rail offers a bus and train ticket package from Toronto’s international airport (with 5 departures per day) and Montreal (with 4 daily departures.)

Ottawa is also a quick ride away, with 5 trains daily.  Early planners are always rewarded with VIA. The SuperSaver discount, available on some advanced bookings, regularly offers travellers a round trip from Brockville to Ottawa for under $70.

By Water

“Sailors work hard enough for their comforts, we must all allow.” Miss Anne Elliott

With many marinas in the region, we are a sailor’s dream. If visiting us by boat be sure to confirm ahead, especially during the TALL SHIPS™ 1812 Tour weekend. Marinas are available at Crysler’s Farm, Prescott, Brockville and Rockport, to name but a few.

Renting a Car

“To walk three miles, or four miles, or five miles, or whatever it is, above her ankles in dirt, and alone, quite alone! What could she mean by it? It seems to me to show an abominable sort of conceited independence, a most country-town indifference to decorum.” 

Miss Caroline Bingley

As much as we all love Miss Eliza Bennett, deep down we know it to be improper to go traipsing about the countryside. In truth, traipsing about in Canada is all the more impossible, given the distances between towns. Fortunately, there are three car rental options available to the intrepid traveller: Enterprise Rent-A-CarNational, and Dixon’s Car Rental