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Why Time Travel Now?

electionsThis time portal is limited. Opening only through the cosmic consequences of a momentous year’s passing.

What’s more, this temporal gateway will close after just one month.  It opens June 14 and closes July 14.

The situation is unlikely and must be met with an open mind. Time travel can only be achieved by those who truly wish to jump into the past.

The successful time traveller never lost his love affair with childish imagination. To her the greatest adventures were those enjoyed in youth. A fanstasia reflected on a reality not fully understood.

It is a state known as faction, where fiction and fact have blurred together and become one. The occurance is rare, particularly among adults. The more so as it must be met in such innocent expectation that almost any possibility can become reality.

There are infrequent occassions that increase the likelihood of time travel. Such an anniversary is upon us.

Converging this year are the bicentennials of both the publishing of Pride and Prejudice and the Battle of Crysler’s Farm, an action that saved Canada from American occupation.

Any fan of Jane Austen can tell you how rich is the world of Pride and Prejudice.  Thanks to numerous film adaptations, based on a descriptive and moving text, the Regency period isn’t just imaginable, it practically lives and breathes. What girl woudn’t want a chance to meet Mr. Darcy in all his historic finery?

Whereas the historical anniversary of the Battle of Crysler’s Farm is, literally, bringing 1813 into the future. Through provincial and federal funding, the St. Lawrence region is able to mark the bicentennial with a series of events that will evoke the past.

Combined with our historical setting, in a picturesque region of wild Canadian scenery, any visitors wishing to experience the past will be able to time travel.

Channel your inner Eliza Bennet or Mr. Darcy and jump back into the past of Upper Canada.

It is really more a question of how far are you willing to go?