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A Time Travel Primer

TBIntroTravel isn’t just about going somewhere, it’s about experience. Why stop at a passive visit to a place, taking in the sights but not really immersing in the culture? Time travel is about to change the way we vacation!

Here along the north shores of the St. Lawrence River in Ontario, Canada, we’ve been developing a new way to travel – back in time.

For just one month alone – as the time portal is limited – you can experience the wonders of life 200 years ago in early Upper Canada.


The beauty of our time travel is that we bring the past to the present, meaning you can enjoy as much modern convenience as you like while visiting our history.

Conversely, you can immerse yourself as deeply in our past as you wish: sail on a tall ship, sleep in a canvas tent, fight in a battle, cook period meals over an open fire, or sew your own garb.

The year is 1813. We’re a frontier land on the edge of an ongoing conflict. Tall ships reign our waters. Soldiers guard the land. Women tend the homefront, while young ladies swoon over Red Coats.

What role will you play?